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JAMS Abacus students are 2 to 3 grade levels above their peers and excel at STEM and life.

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Abacus Online Classes help to improve a student’s ability to do calculations quickly by building confidence to compete and succeed at all levels, starting from elementary ages.

  • Enjoy math and become the best math student in the class
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Focus like an Indian Monk
  • Excel in STEM-related subjects
  • Be quick on your feet


“The sooner kids stop counting on their fingers, the better they are at math later in life.”
Stanford University Research



Ask all questions with no commitment. Watch your child interact with online Abacus classes and get the peace of mind that he/she will succeed in the program.



Using the proven teachings of Japanese Abacus, math becomes a fun game and soon enough your child will be comfortable with any numerical form.



Children become extremely focused and confident in life! There are 5 main teaching pillars of Abacus Online. Watch the video above or scroll down to read them.

JAMS Parents In their own words

Raaga started at JAMS when she was only 5 years old. Today she is at middle school, and is still a JAMS student. Watch this 2-minute video as Jyothy shares with us that her daughter learned a lot more than just the love for math.


Gayathri doesn’t have to worry about school math anymore. Watch the 2-minute video  to learn why her son, a JAMS student for 3.5 years now, is above his peers and has a love for math.


Samu is the mother of Vivek, a JAMS student for 10 years who is now in college. Vivek is off to a brilliant career and life achievement: “He definitely is able to work big equations, and problem-solving not only on math able to work big equations and solve problem, not only in live but in what applies to life itself.”


Watch a 7-year-old JAMS student rocking one-digit and two-digit mental calculations in the short, one-minute video. Big numbers are not scary for little Hannah Tanga. She can do this all day long!


Siblings Jenna Parker and Lukas are faster than a calculator when it comes to adding and subtracting any sequence of numbers. Do you have as much fun as they have with math?


Watch this 37-second video showing hour a 16-year-old JAMS student calculates algebra equations using his refined mental match calculation skills. Catch him if you can.



JAMS students, as young as 6 years old, are trained to focus for as long as 120 minutes without interruption!


The direction of the bids, hand positioning, placement of the Abacus are details that matter in the classroom & with Abacus Online!


JAMS students are trained to look at a problem and work it out mentally, before diving in and trying to resolve it.


In class and with Abacus Online, students learn to be quick on their feet. A timer is used and they are motivated to do faster than last time.


At grade school, our children are at least 2 math levels ahead. This boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Raaga's Fun Kitchen
Raaga's Fun Kitchen
We have been JAMS parents for more than 5 years now. For our now 10yr old, abacus has become a part of her identity. She went from the kindergartner staying awake to finish her homework to fifth grader that can do math faster than both her parents. Many of my friends asked me why enroll the kid in JAMS when they can flip open the calculator app on their phone. I find this question analogous to spelling bee. Why teach our kids to learn the correct spellings of words when they can use spell check for their essays? Learning how to spell teaches them the origin, meaning and etymology of the words. Learning Abacus has taught my child perseverance, effective time management, humility and increased her memory power and mathematical aptitude by leaps and bounds. Sensei Miwako taught my daughter not just computation but the power of determination. The 7-digit numbers that once seemed daunting to her are now her best friends. The annual competition that Sensei organizes taught her to take inspiration from the winners AND be humble about her own successes. Sensei plays an extraordinary role in shaping my kid's personality and I wholeheartedly recommend JAMS- it is definitely not a sprint, it is a marathon, a skill that stays with our kids for the longer run.
Kani Babu
Kani Babu
My son is going to JAMS Abacus class since January last year. Ever since he joined his Math skills has improved to a larger extend and he has become more independent in doing his homeworks. His addition, subtraction and multiplication skills have become better.
Delhi Durai
Delhi Durai
My son is studying in jams. Ever since he joined his math skills has improved very much.
Ritochit Chakraborty
Ritochit Chakraborty
JAMS has been really good for my kid - he is a kinesthetic learner and ABACUS suits him! It has increased his focus as well.
abhisek sarkar
abhisek sarkar
My kid Aadrito is going to JAMS classes for last two and half years. I have been amazed to see the skill and discipline been instilled upon him by Sensei Miwako in the class. Not only he has developed his skill in abacus but more importantly the confidence. JAMS is very focused and their professionalism has a personal touch too. I have seen Sensei taking extra care for my kid after hour when my kid is finding something difficult. They know each child's strength and weakness and teach them accordingly. As my kid says " I love Abacus and I wish I can spend more time in JAMS"
brian kugel
brian kugel
This school has really helped my kids focus in general and excel in math and school their school work.
Samudra Kugel
Samudra Kugel
Our kids love going to JAMS!!! Sense is supper caring and she knows the kids very well. Kids are so respectful of Sense and want to learn!
Caroline Roberts
Caroline Roberts
My kids have all studied at JAMS. They all do well in math in school and grasp new concepts very quickly. Their study habits are well-developed, and I believe it is from the JAMS classroom environment and the regular homework. Their pride in solving math problems is well-deserved, and they have a sense of accomplishment from their skill. I believe they enjoy and appreciate math deeply because of their strong foundation from JAMS.
Deepa Vijay
Deepa Vijay
Really nice to see my son(Akash) enjoying to do math as fun game. His focus has improved and he feels number just like words . His confidence has improved with competition.


Thank you, KGW-TV, for telling all of Portland about the amazing things we teach at JAMS! Our students showcased their amazing skills, and Sensei explained that Abacus is about more than just mental math! It’s about discipline, time management, concentration and more.

Watch the show yourself. Then register your child for a free class or for our online Abacus classes and help them excel at math and life!


We believe that every child has a unique learning style. At JAMS, our personalized coaching will help your child succeed within the classroom, with Abacus Online and beyond.

What is the difference between JAMS, Kumon and other coaching/tutorial centers?

Apart from being popular in China and Japan, these two teaching styles are very different in nature. Kumon focuses on learning through repetition, memorization and discipline. Abacus focuses on visual learning, problem solving and organization. Kumon also focuses on math, reading and writing. Abacus strictly focuses on mental math and a life skill of seeing the world through a mathematician’s eyes. You can read our blog post about the difference here.

What is the right age for a child to start learning the Abacus?

Students of all ages and math proficiency are welcome to start their Abacus learning at any grade or learning level and our Abacus Online options are a great way to start. Ideally, a student should be old enough to promptly recognize and write numbers from 0 to 9.

What kind of calculations does the Abacus help my child with?

Both basic and advanced math problems can be solved with an understanding of the Abacus, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, square root, cube root and others. The mental math calculation also helps children with elementary advanced mathematics at all school levels, including algebra and college-level math.

I have never used the Abacus. How can I help my child with her/his homework?

Our teachers are focused on each child’s personalized learning, and encourage him/her to do their homework independently so we can assess their skills and identify where they may need help. We only request that you commit to carving out time for your child to focus on doing their JAMS homework and encourage their learning journey, which is made easy with Abacus Online.

Is it true that concentration skills are improved by learning the Abacus?

Yes, absolutely! Here is a good example: When you work on addition and subtraction with 10 two-digit numbers, you have to move Abacus beads approximately 30 times. If you make even one mistake, your answer is incorrect. So it is vital to remain focused, which enhances concentration skills.

My child doesn't like math. How can JAMS help?

At JAMS and in our Abacus Online classes, your child will rediscover math. Our personalized teaching helps your child be confident and, most importantly, enjoy math.

Can JAMS help my child to be ahead of peers in math?

Online Abacus classes will help your child excel in grade school and beyond. A vast number of our students have earned recognition such as TAG, and every single one is at least 2 grade levels ahead of their peers. We have a diverse group of students from across the world who outshine their peers not only in math but also in other disciplines using the skills that they learned at JAMS. Even if you or your spouse are not good at math, Abacus Online can still help your child excel.

As a parent, am I required to learn the Abacus to help my child?

Absolutely not. When your child starts at JAMS or our online Abacus classes, we provide a complete kit (including the Abacus) for a one-time fee. As a parent you do not need to learn the Abacus to help your child succeed. We only request that you commit to carving out time for your child to focus on doing their JAMS homework and encourage their learning journey.

Don't calculators and computers make the Abacus obsolete?

Our teaching philosophy around mental calculation both in person and with Abacus Online leverages the Abacus to give our students essential problem-solving skills and to help build their focus, persistence and sense of accountability. These are life skills that help them compete and succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s world – and no calculator or computer can teach these skills.

Is it true that the Abacus can help improve my child's communication and skills across other subjects?

Yes. Focus, persistence, time management, organization and self-driven accountability are all keys to your child’s success in the classroom and beyond. JAMS and Abacus Online parents see their children become more engaged with schoolworks in all subjects. Their children are better prepared for tests and become more confident and successful overall than their peers.

“It’s hard to explain the sense of joy I feel when I can help a student overcome a fear of math or when a student is recognized as outstanding in math or TAG by the grade school.

We bring the teachings of Soroban Abacus to help build a solid and strong foundation of Mental Mathematics, focus and confidence. We strongly believe that every student can become an overachiever at JAMS.”

Sensei Miwako, Founder of JAMS…