jams-classRecently, Sensei Miwako was interviewed by Fumiko of Noren Portland.

The only abacus school you’ll find in Portland, or even in Oregon, is the “Japanese Abacus Math School of Portland LLC (JAMS)”. The manager of the school and one of its teachers, Miwako-sensei, instructs over 80 students of different nationalities and ethnicities. Many people, when they hear the word abacus, may think, “Oh right, that thing with the beads that you flick back and forth,” but what Miwako-sensei strives daily to do is to pass on the “heart of Japan” to the children. The children who learn from Miwako-sensei, with her soul full of passion, all have a glittering look in their eyes. I hope you’ll find as you read this interview that the “heart of Japan” is a dignified one that beats all around the world… READ THE FULL ARTICLE