It is with great delight that we write about our funtastic experience with JAMS, Portland. All three of our children have been learning Abacus math here for close to a decade. Sensei Miwako is simply an amazing teacher who inspires and motivates her students to improve and excel constantly. Our children have had the unique opportunity to learn under such a great expert. Her calm demeanor, persistent focus on each kid, and personal attention on areas of improvement have helped our children grow to their maximum potential.

We have noticed that our children carry their JAMS experience to their regular school where they excel not only in Math skills, but also other subjects. They have been able to perform better than their peers and can calculate faster mentally and graduate to challenging levels of math earlier than their presumed grade level. JAMS has equipped them with sharp acumen and strong confidence to achieve their best academically.

Sensei Miwako has become part of our family over the years. She is a great mentor who we can rely on for guidance any time with our children’s academic path. The Portland community is blessed and so are we – we’re very grateful for her huge role in our children’s excellent achievements!

Samu & Anup Kumar