We joined the JAMS family 6 months ago and in a short time our daughter’s math skills have improved significantly from doing simple addition and subtraction to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with multiple digits. Much more than math skills, she has developed the ability to focus on the a subject for much longer than she was able to before.

Abacus is a hard skill and something that improves only with practice. She has also had her share of bumps on the road and there are times when she finds balancing the abacus practice with all her other activities very difficult. I do believe that overcoming those challenges is also going to give her the time management skills and focus she needs for the future.

We have also been fortunate to have Sensei Miwako as a teacher. She is one of the few teachers that takes the time to understand her students and their strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you Sensei!

— Ram & Sunita