We have changed our summer schedule again! With JAMS community input, we have devised a new schedule that we think will best for most students. Our new summer term is 9 weeks, and resembles our normal schedule. The only difference is because it is summer, it is shorter, and more flexible!

Makeups: There is no makeup week in summer. Summer classes are smaller, so if your student needs to be absent, just let us know, and they can make it up during another class.
Non-beginners: These students can come any day, Tuesday-Friday. They will just study for their respective times, starting at 4:30pm. (Intermediate: 1 hour 30 min, Pre-Advanced: 1 hour 45 minutes, Advanced: 2 hours.)
Tuition: Rates will be discounted because the term is shorter than our normal terms.

Summer Term Dates (9 weeks)