Starting with the Fall term of 2016, JAMS students will be taking the League for Soroban Education in America Examinations. This will replace our in-house exam and will be given to Advanced, Pre-Advanced and Intermediate students. The exam will be administered from November 29 through December 2, 2016.

We’ve made this decision because it offers a couple of key benefits over the in-house exam we used in the past.

  • It is a more formally administered exam, which will prepare students for that experience as they progress through school and in other areas and activities that require formal exams.
  • The League provides a certificate for students successfully completing the exam. This is important as students begin the process of moving to (certain) high schools and colleges hold more and more weight to activities outside of school, as well as job applications and interviews.

It is very important for students to study, practice and prepare for these exams. As mentioned above, certificates are awarded to students who pass the exam, so preparation is key. The exam fees are dependent on the student’s level and which exams they will take.

Exam Fees (Abacus & Anzan Exams)

Intermediate: $36-40
Pre-Advanced: $40-42
Advanced: $44
Dan: $60