During weeks 3 and 4 this term we offered Booster Weeks for Intermediate level students. During these weeks, intermediate students had the opportunity to participate in the Advanced class. We tested this concept and it was very successful. The Advanced students became mentors for the Intermediate students, helping them with work as well as modeling good behavior and habits. This turned into a very powerful 2 hour class, helping the Intermediates to get a feel for what it is like to participate at the next level.

During weeks 5 through 8, Wednesdays (4:30-6:30), Pre-Advanced students will be allowed to attend the Advanced level classes.

And for Advanced students, they will be given unlimited access to the 4:30 classes throughout the Fall term, replacing their make-up classes.

And best of all, these classes and options are being offered totally FREE! Just let us know when you would like to come. We hope that the Booster Classes and additional access will empower all students to advance their abacus skills!