My little one started Abacus when she was in Kindergarten (2015). By mid-1st grade, her enthusiasm began to waver. However, she won a prize at the 2016 JAMS abacus competition, and that made her want to continue for another term. The excitement of winning a prize quickly wore off and she again lost interest, so we took a break.

Five months later my daughter said she missed learning Abacus and wanted to go back. We rejoined JAMS family in January 2017 and my little one could not be happier. She did not win any prizes at the 2017 competition, but she cheered on her friends that won.

She does her homework unprompted now and is genuinely interested in learning new concepts. I wanted to thank Miwako Sensei from the bottom of my heart for the magic she does with my kid. The annual competition is just another way she encourages kids and I am grateful to have the sensei and JAMS in our community!