Abacus Masters ’17 was a great success, made possible by our great students (83 students participated), families and volunteers. Our gratitude goes out to all who helped with the event and brought their support for the students. Our goal is to deliver an event that will showcase student skills, as well as providing an environment where they will learn how to gracefully handle success and celebrating others’ success.

Thank you for making this a successful event – we’re already excited about Abacus Masters ’18.

Here are the First Place winners from this year’s event…

Flash Anzan

  • Group A – Kanak Patel
  • Group B – Garv Pattani
  • Group C – Arjun Bopardikar
  • Group D – Pradnya Rao
  • Group E – Julia Wen
  • Group F – Winston Chan


  • Group A – Kenza Djekidel
  • Group B – Mayank Biradar
  • Group C – Arav Choudhary
  • Group D – Max Wheeldon
  • Group E – Simon Abraham
  • Group F – Winston Chan


  • Group A – Guha Hari
  • Group B – Morjane Djekidel
  • Group C – Karan Hari
  • Group D – Pradnya Rao
  • Group E – Claire Yang
  • Group F – Winston Chan