At JAMS we believe we teach our students more than just math – it is life skills of focus, preparation and confidence. Our mandatory Exam Weeks help instill a sense of accomplishment in our students.

What is Exam Week?

  • Exam Week refers to the 4 times during a given JAMS academic year when we host exams in accordance with the League for Soroban Education for America
  • Exam Week applies only to students in the Intermediate Levels and above. Exam Week is mandatory and is held towards the end of the term.
  • Beginner students do not have Exam Week but have in-house exams for graduating to levels 9, 10 and 11.

Is there a fee for taking such exams? What is included in such fees?

  • Fees for Exam Week are added to your tuition at the beginning of the term.
  • Students in ‘bridge class’ are offered an exception for one term only.
  • JAMS conducts the exams at the same location as JAMS classes.
  • The tests are graded by the League for Soroban Education for America. Students who pass the exam receive a certificate from the League for Soroban Education for America.

How do I help my child prepare for Exam Week?

  • We help students prepare for the exam during class.
  • Parents need to focus on their children completing their homework; no additional parent preparation is needed.

Is there anything I can do to help my child be confident for Exam Week?

  • Review their recent work in their JAMS textbooks.
  • Identify their common/frequent mistakes; understanding one’s weakness is the key.
  • Re-do some of the problems 5 times each that were common mistakes.
  • Cover answers with sticky note or papers so your child can focus on solving the problem correctly.
  • Speed and accuracy are very important for the exam. Encourage your child to use a stopwatch or their JAMS timer. Students are trained to time their work per instructions on top of the page.