No sleepovers. Straight A’s. Play a musical instrument. Study a foreign language. Respect your elders always. These are just some of the guidelines Tiger Mom’s impose on their children. This stereotypical parenting method is most common among Asian cultures; although there are plenty of non-Asian cultures who could also be described as tiger moms.

From a Western perspective, aspects of this parenting method may be too restrictive and controlling, but “training” in Asian culture has warm undertones of concern. Parents discipline their children as a way of coaching them to be the best they can be. On the surface, this parenting method may appear overwhelming and cold, but a tiger parent’s harshness stems from affection. According to an article written by Jessica Li-Shan, Asian parents follow a Confucian culture of doing more and saying less. Words have little value and the clichéd “I love you” is nothing compared to the loving sacrifices Asian parents make to secure their children’s future.

Tiger parenting is not to be confused with an authoritarian parenting method. It is about instilling the importance of taking full responsibility and being able to be self-reliant. On the other hand, Western parents are more easygoing. Generally, they have more of a “hands-off” approach, and will give their children more space and freedom to explore their interests.

Asian parents place great emphasis on academic results. As mentioned above, anything less than an A will send an Asian mother to the bookstore to buy supplemental materials to ensure their child gets back on track. Western parents tend to be more lenient and forgiving if their children did not get an A. However, not reprimanding children for less than satisfactory academic results could potentially motivate the child that doing “just fine” is alright.

This is for your own good! All I want is what’s best for you! Tiger moms enforce disciplinary action on their children and do not hesitate to scold them when they do not follow their rules. Often times, Asian parents are perceived as being more strict while Western parents are usually easier on their children. Regardless of your parenting style, it is important to remember that kids will be kids! Tiger moms and western moms alike can agree that both parenting styles have their advantages and disadvantages. You can follow either style and raise successful, independent, intelligent children!

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