Which Educational System is right for my Child A quick glance at education in the US min

Did you know that 85% of our parents at JAMS are from a diverse international background? Myself included. I can easily be overwhelmed by all of the different school types available for our children. It’s not always a choice between public or private schools. Often times, there are other options. Here is a list of terms to become familiar with as you are searching for the right educational experience for your child:

  • Blue Ribbon School

    The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

  • Charter School

    A tax-supported public school that is independently run, allowing for greater educational choice for parents in the community.

  • Experiential Learning

    An educational approach using applied, hands-on methods of learning.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

    A specifically designed comprehensive academic program emphasizing traditional disciplines while instilling a global perspective in its students.

  • Magnet School

    A public school that offers a specific or enhanced curriculum, designed for students of special interest or ability.

  • Montessori

    A school following the principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori focusing on the unique individuality, self-reliance and independence of children.

  • Special Needs

    A school or program for children who have mild to moderate learning differences. It usually features smaller class sizes, individualized attention and multi-sensory learning methods.

While all of these types of schools teach similar material, it’s important to consider what each school could teach beyond what is outlined in the curriculum. More times than not, parents will choose a school for their children and still choose to supplement learning with additional extra curricular activities. Before enrolling in a school, evaluate it’s strengths and weaknesses thoroughly.

At JAMS, we will help your child overcome the fear of numbers. Your child will become more confident and most importantly, he will gain an important lifelong skill. For more information, just visit JamsPortland.com to learn more about the teaching pillars of the abacus.

About JAMS

JAMS is dedicated to Abacus & Anzan instruction and to building a strong foundation of Mental Mathematics along with lifelong skills. JAMS empowers children to achieve success with the Abacus, so they will grow in areas that go well beyond the classroom. This is the teaching approach at JAMS since opening its doors in 2001.