Best Brain Teaser Toys and Games for Children min

Last month, I visited a local Hillsboro toy store, that is focused on educational toys only. A lot of parents ask me “What games or toys are fun and educational for my child?” so I decided to take this fun trip to the store and I evaluated the toys. I enjoyed my time so much, I spent almost 4 hours tinkering with over 20 toys and games. I hand selected a variety of educational toys that are award winners, and both fun and mentally stimulating for your children’s brain!

These are not ordinary toys because these toys challenge, motivate, and nurture your child’s curiosity. Learning will never be dull with these STEM and Robotics toys. My favorites were:

Snap Circuits: The Snap Circuits will help your child understand the basics of electricity and circuitry. The kit comes with easy to-follow instructions and colorful pieces. Your child can build fun projects with the LED lights, gears, and the printed circuit board that comes with the kit.

Dr. Steve Hunters Expedition: Your child can also learn about the prehistoric era through the Dr. Steve Hunters Expedition kits. It offers a replica of different dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Triceratops. Whether it’s for education or for play, these realistic dinosaurs will satisfy curious minds.

Remote Control Machines: Another great selection is Remote Control Machines: Space Exploration. This engineering kit allows your child to build a robotic rover to deploy on Mars (or your backyard.) This 237 piece set is so much more than your average remote control toy and can take your child’s imagination to the moon!

Snakes and Ladders: A classic game that challenges you to scramble to the top without sliding down the dreadful ladder. This magnetic travel size game is perfect for unplugging from technology and bringing games on the go.

Last but not least, Super Genius Reading 2. This matching game uses the Dolch list of the most common sight words from children’s books and inspires young readers to sharpen their language skills.

Kids will never be afraid of math and science because JAMS is a believer of enjoyable learning. Each toy listed above is designed to be engaging and educational, and inspire children to explore their curiosities.

At JAMS, we will help your child overcome the fear of numbers. Your child will become more confident and most importantly, he will gain an important lifelong skill. For more information, just visit to learn more about the teaching pillars of the abacus.

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