Radio Interview about Abacus Math

Sensei Miwako was live on KPAM Radio.

Abacus math is certainly calling the attention of parents, especially at the elementary school level where STEM-related activities are at the center of their education.

Parents that are looking for ways to keep their child engaged and focused in a world of digital distractions are finding that by using an Abacus, their child is able to engage in mathematics for long periods of time, without interruption.

Sensei shares about the 5 pillars of Abacus and how it’s transforming the lives of her students.

Click on this link to listen to the full 5-minute interview.

Learning the Abacus will surely improve your child’s math skills. However, Abacus schools that are certified by the League for Soroban Education of America are teaching children life skills that go beyond just math.

By applying the traditional Japanese style of teaching, these schools are focusing on teaching math and life skills, and are proving that Abacus is more than just a fun calculator device.

According to Sensei Miwako:

Children everywhere are still using their fingers to count or need a multiplication sheet to be able to complete basic multiplication. With Abacus, children learn how to calculate anything mentaly, in the speed of light. They are stimulating parts of the brain that wouldn’t have been used otherwise. 

 5 Teaching Pillars of Abacus: 

  1. Concentration
  2. Discipline
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Time management
  5. Confidence

You can find a list of certified schools by visiting the League for Soroban Education of America’s website here. See if a school is available in your State and watch a live class. You and your child will be impressed by how fast these children can calculate.

Nothing fuels the fire for math than discovering you can be a math genius! If you’re not sure Abacus will help your child, sign up for a free preview of our class – there’s no obligation to register! Come meet with us, watch some kids in action, calculating at the speed of light! We guarantee you will have fun watching these little geniuses.

About JAMS

JAMS is proud to be the only Abacus math school in Portland and in the State of Oregon certified by the League of Soroban of Americas. Since 2001, we have dedicated to Abacus & Anzan instruction and to building a strong foundation of Mental Mathematics along with lifelong skills. JAMS empowers children to achieve academic success, so they will grow in areas that go well beyond the classroom. JAMS parents can expect their child to improve in 5 different areas: concentration, discipline, problem-solving, time management, and confidence.  This is the teaching approach at JAMS since opening its doors.