Online Abacus Classes at JAMS are here to stay!

We are pleased to inform you that students of all Abacus levels can now enroll for 100% online Abacus classes.

Online Abacus classes are not new to our JAMS teachers. We’ve been offering classes to students at a National level for two years now. And that allowed us to quickly extend the offer to all students as soon as COVID happened.

Online Abacus classes are now a permanent offer for our school.

Students receive their materials and book by mail and get full access to our App Abacutor through Ipads.

All students must have a functioning camera and a microphone.

The Student-Teacher ratio for online classes is 3 to 6 students per teacher in a group.

Some parents have been asking if we will ever offer in-person classes again. It’s too soon to confirm but as soon as JAMS can accommodate restrictions of social distancing,  students can elect to in-person Abacus classes again.  Our intention is to have a hybrid model.

Stay tuned to our updates on our Facebook page.

About Online Classes & Camps


The JAMS program is a continuous year-round program. JAMS conducts lessons in a group setting but individual progress varies. The student’s progress also needs parental support by maintaining a consistent study schedule at home. Each student learns at his/her own pace. Other than JAMS classroom session, it is recommended that the child do 10-15 minutes of JAMS exercises for 5 days a week.

We have 3 terms per year:

  • Fall Term (September to December)
  • Winter Term (January through March)
  • Spring Term ( April through June)

Each term consists of 11 weeks of instruction. An exam will be administered in week 11. Results will be posted or emailed when available. Week 12 is reserved for all make-up classes ONLY. No Regular classes will be held during this time.

We also offer Abacus Winter Camp and Abacus Summer Camps

Abacus Summer Camp

Summer Camp has 8 weeks of instruction. An exam will be administered in week 8. Results will be posted or emailed when available. There are no make-up weeks during Summer Camp. Individual requests for make-up classes are arranged by appointment.

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Abacus Winter Term

All beginner students must go through an evaluation with Miwako Sensei prior to enrolling.

Please call us or email us if you would like to schedule an evaluation for your child.

Online Abacus Classes at JAMS

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Pre-advanced Winter Abacus classes schedule

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Abacus Winter Camp

In addition to regular terms, we offer a Winter Camp, subject to availability and weather conditions. Registration and dates for Winter Camp will be announced at the end of Fall Term.

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