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How To Make Youtube Kids Safer For Your Children


Ensuring our kids' safety online should be our No. 1 priority. With so many tools and apps available online, what can we do as parents? How can we protect our kids from seeing disturbing videos spreading all over the internet? YouTube Kids started out in 2015, and its main goal was to provide

How To Make Youtube Kids Safer For Your Children2019-05-24T08:56:45-07:00

Computer Games: Are They All Bad?


Nowadays, when we say “games,” it's not just limited to physical activities like basketball or soccer. “Games” can also mean computer games. You are probably reading this with your eyebrows raising. Hear me out, I know that computer games, online gaming in particular, have a negative connotation these days. Believe or not, there

Computer Games: Are They All Bad?2019-05-24T08:45:40-07:00

Tips On How To Beat Exam Stress


It’s normal to feel anxious at exam time. After all, exam anxiety is a common occurrence among students no matter their age. Some students are able to handle these overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety while others succumb to the anxiety. In some extreme situations, students get depressed and experience panic attacks. This

Tips On How To Beat Exam Stress2019-05-24T08:38:30-07:00

Sensei Miwako Live on KPAM Radio: Abacus Math is transforming lives!


Sensei Miwako was live on KPAM Radio. Abacus math is certainly calling the attention of parents, especially at the elementary school level where STEM-related activities are at the center of their education. Parents that are looking for ways to keep their child engaged and focused in a world of digital distractions are finding

Sensei Miwako Live on KPAM Radio: Abacus Math is transforming lives!2019-06-03T14:41:35-07:00

What Your Kids Can Learn from the Japanese About Math


You’ve probably watched your kids stare blankly at their math homework. It's been more than 10 minutes, and they haven't tackled the first problem. You try to give it more time. But, the moment you check on their progress, you discover they have abandoned math and turned to something more fun on the

What Your Kids Can Learn from the Japanese About Math2019-05-10T06:22:12-07:00



Tanabata - Also known as the Weaver’s Festival or the Star Festival, Tanabata is held annually on July 7th, or the seventh night of the seventh moon, according to the Japanese lunisolar calendar.  Thought to have origins in the Chinese Qixi Festival, Tanabata celebrates the once-a-year meeting between the lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi (the Weaver

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