It’s Not Just About Winning


My little one started Abacus when she was in Kindergarten (2015). By mid-1st grade, her enthusiasm began to waver. However, she won a prize at the 2016 JAMS abacus competition, and that made her want to continue for another term. The excitement of winning a prize quickly wore off and she again lost interest, so

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A Very Important Life Lesson


My daughter Prakruthi has benefited immensely under the guidance of Sensei Miwako and we are grateful for having found JAMS. Sensei Miwako is an amazing teacher and role model for our daughter. We wanted our daughter to attend JAMS to develop more interest in Math as she was more inclined towards science and language in

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Developing the Potential of Young People


Miwako Sensei takes a holistic approach in teaching her students. She is not only concerned with teaching abacus and mental calculation skills, but also with how she can help her students develop their potential as young people. She continuously innovates her teaching methods to best suit her students’ needs and helps students learn how to

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Our Daughter’s Math Skills Have Improved Significantly


We joined the JAMS family 6 months ago and in a short time our daughter's math skills have improved significantly from doing simple addition and subtraction to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with multiple digits. Much more than math skills, she has developed the ability to focus on the a subject for much longer than she was

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Surprised at the Speed at Which She Does Calculations


Based on levels the students are at, Sensei adapts her teachings so that the students can make the most out of it. My daughter Abhi has been blessed with excellent teacher who understands her challenges and handles her with grace. Every class makes a difference in the way she handles maths.  We can see her

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Growing in Math Skills… as well as Knowledge, Confidence & Success


Violet was asked what goals she would like to set for herself. She stated that she would like to be very good at something in school. So we looked into all the subjects to see which goals would be attainable and would leave her with some lasting value. We decided it would be math and

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Growing to Their Maximum Potential


It is with great delight that we write about our funtastic experience with JAMS, Portland. All three of our children have been learning Abacus math here for close to a decade. Sensei Miwako is simply an amazing teacher who inspires and motivates her students to improve and excel constantly. Our children have had the unique opportunity

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Testimonial – Kelly & Erin Wheeldon


Over the past few years, each one of our children have had the opportunity to take classes from Sensei Miwako. I am so happy that we were able to find her and am amazed at the impact she has had on our children’s lives. Maggie took classes for two years, through 6th grade. She grew

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