Abacus vs. Kumon


It seems that there are as many unique teaching and tutoring approaches out there as there are children! And while many of them are similar, it’s important to make distinctions between the various styles – especially when your child’s education is the concern! Because everyone learns differently, as a parent it’s important to understand

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Why JAMS Matters


  "We are fortunate to have discovered JAMS, and grateful to Miwako Sensei, who instills discipline and motivation in her pupils.” -Karen C., Parent You may think JAMS is just about learning the abacus, but we are about so much more! It is Sensei Miwako’s goal to help develop the whole child. JAMS encourages and

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Abacus vs Calculator: Which Would Win?


In an epic battle between the Japanese abacus and an electronic calculator, which do you think would win? On November 12, 1946 the abacus was put to the test! In the capable hands of Mr. Kiyoshi Matsuzaki, the abacus won in a decisive victory of 4 to 1! The Nippon Times reported at the time

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