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My son became a JAMS student about a year ago. This has been such a positive experience for us even though we are in the bay area (this has been an online experience). I particularly value the discipline and the perseverance he is developing. We love JAMS! Highly recommend to every child.

Jigisha Shah Avatar
Jigisha Shah

My daughter joined JAMS about 18 months ago and from the start she really enjoyed the challenge of learning this approach to math. Aside from her improved math ability we also saw a boost in her overall level of confidence and concentration. When the pandemic hit a few months later we were a bit skeptical in whether this could be learned virtually. Fortunately, Sensei Miwako and the JAMS team rose to the challenge! The transition was seamless. My daughter continues to thrive in the nurturing environment that JAMS provides and is now passing on these skills to her younger sister. Thank you, JAMS!

Grace Hahn Avatar
Grace Hahn

We had a terrific experience at JAMS! The teachers are outstanding. Along with teaching math, they make the students independent and self-sufficient.

Poulami Mitra Avatar
Poulami Mitra

Our family has been so incredibly pleased with our daughter's experience with JAMS. Our daughter started almost exactly a year ago and it is amazing to think of the progress she has made in that short time. Her experience has been entirely virtual during this year but that did not hinder her learning one bit. Huge thanks to the entire team who has supporting our little one this past year.

Jaime Schwartz Avatar
Jaime Schwartz

This past September my oldest started learning abacus at Jams Portland. Initially, I was a bit concerned with the program being online. However after six months, I am thrilled to say my daughter is more confident, focused and engaged. I've seen a significant improvement in her approach to problem solving at school, as well. Due to the positive impact, we decided to enroll my youngest daughter in the program this Winter term. Highly recommend!

Carmen Perezchica Avatar
Carmen Perezchica

One of the best decisions I took for my daughter is to enroll in JAMS.I was skeptical about her online class since our family is in Michigan believed in Sensei and her team. And as a result My daughter is showing great improvements in both Abacus and Anzan and is ahead of her peers in school which surprised me as a parent. Now I have total confidence in JAMSOur sincere thanks to Sensei and her team.

Anjana Rao Avatar
Anjana Rao

Have a Kindergartener who has been going to JAMS for almost a year now. Great for improving number sense and introducing kids to the basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Online classes have been working well in the Covid era. Teachers ensure webcams are focused on the student's work and pay attention to the work the student is doing and help as required. Small class size of ~ 4 students enables 1:1 teaching. Kids are focused and concentrating on their work the entire duration of the class. Have been seeing continuous improvement/big boost in calculation skills throughout the year. Our kindergartner enjoys the class.

Rajnish Sinha Avatar
Rajnish Sinha

We have been part of JAMS from fall last year. This has been such a positive experience for us even though we started totally as an online class since pandemic and it was best decision. The teachers are so dedicated and give attention to each and every child. Its just been few months since we started, but the progress I see in my daughter has been amazing. She is developing time management, mental acuity and the discipline she needs to love what she does and the perseverance in getting her work done. Her confidence and math skills have soared. I sincerely thank Sensei Miwako for her guidance even to us as parents too on how to help my child to reach her full potential. We love JAMS! Highly recommend to every child.

Sue Gade Avatar
Sue Gade

My two girls are way ahead of their peers on their math curriculum at school. Thanks to Miwako Sensei, Mai Sensei, and Mika Sensei. My older one (8) had problems focusing, seating and doing work quietly. But thanks to JAMS now she can focus for 1.5 hours straight with no problem! I recommend JAMS for any parent looking into providing a more sophisticated math education to their children.

Lucy Kairalla Avatar
Lucy Kairalla

My two sons attended JAMS, and the immediate impact on our entire family was amazing. The children became responsible, focused and of course, gifted in mental math skills in a matter of weeks of starting at JAMS. This translated into success across all subjects and disciplines and the results showed in TAG testing at school, piano lessons and even on the playground.JAMS and its teachers truly impart life skills that help children excel within and beyond the classroom. The disciplined environment in the class is balanced with the affectionate teaching by the teachers who take a lot of time to customize the learning path for each student. My boys are uniquely different in how they approach life, and yet they love JAMS equally.There are many tutoring centers that will teach your children any given subject or syllabus. But, if your goal is to give your child exceptional skills to succeed across all subjects and in life, JAMS and its experienced teaching team of Miwako, Mika and Mai Senseis are the best partners any parent can ask for.I am grateful to JAMS for being a part of our lives, thank you JAMS.

Ruchira Dasgupta Avatar
Ruchira Dasgupta

My daughter goes to JAMS from last 2 years. They teach Abacus & Anzan techniques to do math faster. which will help student improve in focus and smarter. They have skilled teachers and very disciplined. Booklets are great to practice. Some times booklets are repeated when student make some mistakes. which makes kids feel boring doing same thing again. Instead, i recommend to give new problems which makes kids more interesting. To avoid making mistakes, i feel that teacher should make sure that student understand the concept before they start practicing it. Tuition fee is little expensive at beginner level. Overall feel great in sending my kid to JAMS and recommend.

Krishna Posam Avatar
Krishna Posam

I feel so blessed to send my son to Jams Abacus School. Sensei Miwako trains each and every child with utmost care and responsibility. She teaches not only abacus but a sense of dedication and responsibility to children. I have seen a huge interest for numbers for my son over last one and half years. His growth has been remarkable. I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Priyanka Bose Avatar
Priyanka Bose

Before joining JAMS, my daughter cannot sit/focus more than 10 mins. Now i can see her gradually increasing her focus time. She can calculate numbers in mind so fast. I highly recommend JAMS.

Priyanka Katta Avatar
Priyanka Katta

My elder boy has been going to JAMS abacus for last 4 years. He loves Maths, and just have fun with numbers all the time and feels comfortable with them. He definately has more focus and concentration. Sensei is great, she is tough with kids but helps them achieve their goals and teaches them value of hard work, persistance and perseverance. We started our younger child also and hoping to develope same qualities in him.

Shalini Gupta Avatar
Shalini Gupta

What a jem of a place. This is more than just math for kids, it is also focus and discipline skill building. Have had our daughters enrolled for year and half now, and they love it!

Kenan Arik Avatar
Kenan Arik

Our daughters (8 and 6) have been part of JAMS family for a year and a half. JAMS have helped take all intimidation away and develop love for math with building confidence. We highly recommend joining them.

anam arik Avatar
anam arik

The JAMS Abacus learning experience for my child (student for the last 4+ years) has been amazing. It goes beyond developing excellent computation skills; the teachers role model dedication and do a fantastic job inspiring and motivating children to develop higher self confidence and achieve outstanding results in whatever they set out to do. Highly recommended!!!

Prahalad Parthangal Avatar
Prahalad Parthangal

My kids have all studied at JAMS. They all do well in math in school and grasp new concepts very quickly. Their study habits are well-developed, and I believe it is from the JAMS classroom environment and the regular homework. Their pride in solving math problems is well-deserved, and they have a sense of accomplishment from their skill. I believe they enjoy and appreciate math deeply because of their strong foundation from JAMS.

Caroline Roberts Avatar
Caroline Roberts

Teachers at JAMS not only teach math but also the qualities needed in life to become disciplined person. I am really thankful to Miwako sensei from the bottom of my heart to teach my kids those qualities in life. Thankyou 🙏

Jesal Kothari Avatar
Jesal Kothari

Our kids love going to JAMS!!! Sense is supper caring and she knows the kids very well. Kids are so respectful of Sense and want to learn!

Samudra Kugel Avatar
Samudra Kugel

My elder son has been going to JAMS since last 4 years. He started when he was 5 years old and has developed his love for maths since then. JAMS does not only teach maths but also fosters focus, discipline and sense of responsibility in my child. He is now able to manage his time efficiently in all areas in life. Looking at his success we started our younger son 2 years back. Initially it was a struggle as he could not even sit and focus for few minutes at a time. In last one year he has shown tremendous improvement in listening and focusing and getting his work done in time. JAMS has also developed confidence in him. We are blessed to have such a dedicated staff at JAMS. Teachers Miwako and Mika Sensei are exceptionally smart teachers, tough and affectionate at the same time. We feel so fortunate to be part of JAMS family.

mohit Haran Avatar
mohit Haran

This school has really helped my kids focus in general and excel in math and school their school work.

brian kugel Avatar
brian kugel

My kid Aadrito is going to JAMS classes for last two and half years. I have been amazed to see the skill and discipline been instilled upon him by Sensei Miwako in the class. Not only he has developed his skill in abacus but more importantly the confidence. JAMS is very focused and their professionalism has a personal touch too. I have seen Sensei taking extra care for my kid after hour when my kid is finding something difficult. They know each child's strength and weakness and teach them accordingly. As my kid says " I love Abacus and I wish I can spend more time in JAMS"

abhisek sarkar Avatar
abhisek sarkar

JAMS has been really good for my kid - he is a kinesthetic learner and ABACUS suits him! It has increased his focus as well.

Ritochit Chakraborty Avatar
Ritochit Chakraborty

My son is studying in jams. Ever since he joined his math skills has improved very much.

Delhi Durai Avatar
Delhi Durai

My son is going to JAMS Abacus class since January last year. Ever since he joined his Math skills has improved to a larger extend and he has become more independent in doing his homeworks. His addition, subtraction and multiplication skills have become better.

Kani Babu Avatar
Kani Babu

We have been JAMS parents for more than 5 years now. For our now 10yr old, abacus has become a part of her identity. She went from the kindergartner staying awake to finish her homework to fifth grader that can do math faster than both her parents.Many of my friends asked me why enroll the kid in JAMS when they can flip open the calculator app on their phone. I find this question analogous to spelling bee. Why teach our kids to learn the correct spellings of words when they can use spell check for their essays? Learning how to spell teaches them the origin, meaning and etymology of the words. Learning Abacus has taught my child perseverance, effective time management, humility and increased her memory power and mathematical aptitude by leaps and bounds.Sensei Miwako taught my daughter not just computation but the power of determination. The 7-digit numbers that once seemed daunting to her are now her best friends. The annual competition that Sensei organizes taught her to take inspiration from the winners AND be humble about her own successes. Sensei plays an extraordinary role in shaping my kid's personality and I wholeheartedly recommend JAMS- it is definitely not a sprint, it is a marathon, a skill that stays with our kids for the longer run.

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Raaga's Fun Kitchen