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Way to Go, Dhun!


If you see Dhun Kakkar in the halls, make sure you give her a big high five and tell her good job! Dhun, a student at Jacob Wismer School, scored in the 97th percentile on her third grade CogAT ability test and in the 97th percentile on her Iowa Test for math. Way to go,

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Abacus & Anzan Exams


Starting with the Fall term of 2016, JAMS students will be taking the League for Soroban Education in America Examinations. This will replace our in-house exam and will be given to Advanced, Pre-Advanced and Intermediate students. The exam will be administered from November 29 through December 2, 2016. We’ve made this decision because it offers

Abacus & Anzan Exams2016-10-20T03:57:37-07:00
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