Tuition varies by the level of regular classes or camps that your child is enrolled in. The first term tuition will include the cost of all materials, such as the Abacus. All materials, such as classroom textbooks, homework textbooks, Abacus and Anzan materials are included in the tuition.

Installment Plan

We also offer installment plans for tuition payment. A 5% installment fee is added to the tuition amount, and the total tuition amount including the 5% fee is divided into three equal installments.

Multi-sibling Discount

Enrolling more than one child from the same family in the same term qualifies for a one-time discount of $50 for the second child. This discount is applied to the tuition at the time of enrollment.

Exam Fees

Subject to the level your child is enrolled in, JAMS conducts mandatory regional and national tests. JAMS also hosts an Annual Competition for all students. Fees associated with these tests will be charged with your term tuition.

Payment Type

Tuition is payable by check or cash. Please note that JAMS does not accept payment via credit cards.

Late Fee

Tuition is due in full one week prior to the start date of the term. A late fee of $25 will be assessed to your tuition for payment received after the first day of class.